spend Halloween in America

12 Best Places to spend Halloween in America

  • With the falling of dried-out autumn leaves air is getting chilly and spooky nights are ahead. From ghost-themed towns to haunted houses, everything seems scary. And the time of year when the most awaited event, Halloween, begins. The Halloween celebration started at the end of October. The thrill lovers start to decorate their houses, buy scary costumes, cook seasonal meals like apple cider donuts, Spooky Deviled Eggs, pumpkin pie, and Jack-O’-Lantern Stuffed Peppers and play games like Halloween Scavenger Hunt and Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin. For some people, Halloween is not a day they celebrate a whole season as the fall begins. If you’re a fan of haunted places and thriller events and want to celebrate your Halloween distinctively, here are some of the best places to spend your Halloween in America.

    1. Dallas, Texas

    Dallas, Texas

    If you want to have a great Halloween, then Dallas is for you. In Dallas, you will get spooky and haunted themes in every place. If you’re a fan of haunted houses you can visit the Boneyard, Cutting Edge Haunted House, Dark Hour Haunted House, and Slaughterhouse. Here you can visit zoos, bars, clubs, and parks. These places are specially decorated and hold events for Halloween. You can participate in various contests and play different games. You can also enjoy Halloween-themed delicious foods here. In Dallas people also take ghost tours to the most haunted sites like the Baker Hotel of the city. One of the popular sites is the Rustic and Cedar Springs which hosts night parties at Halloween.

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    2. Anoka, Minnesota

    Anoka, Minnesota

    Anoka is known as the first ever city to celebrate Halloween in history. This city is well-owned as the capital of Halloween. You will see creativity in the decoration of schools, themes, parks, museums, and streets. Anoka is one of the finest places to celebrate Halloween. Due to its festive events, attractions, parties, and themes travelers come to Anoka from all over the world to make their Halloween memorable. Grand Parade, Pumpkin Weigh-Off, costume, and housing decor contests are the major events of Halloween. Anoka State Hospital, Pearson Family Farm, and Thuney’s Haunted Graveyard are famous haunted attractions here. Everyone must visit Anoka once in a lifetime to celebrate Halloween.

    • 1925-½ 2nd Ave. S Anoka, MN 55303
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    3. Salem, Massachusetts

    Salem, Massachusetts

    Salem is one of the overrated places to celebrate Halloween due to its notorious witch trials of the 16th century. This place welcomes tourists to have the best experience of haunted events, houses, and streets. From museums to streets, everything is decorated with a Halloween theme. For a spooky experience, haunted houses like Witch mansion, The Salem Inn, and Salem Old Burying Point Cemetery are popular haunted sites. You can participate in the grand parade. You can also wear your specially designed costumes and participate in costume contests. So, if you want to spend a thriller Halloween Salem is the best place for thriller seekers.

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    4. Orlando, Florida

    Orlando, Florida

    In Orlando, Halloween festivities start early. Halloween is not for just one day in Orlando, but the whole Halloween season is celebrated here. Due to its beauty of nature, Parks, and beaches, this city is a well-known destination for tourists all around the year but during the Halloween season, you will see a thriller and spooky theme. There are a lot of Halloween attractions in Orlando including haunted houses, scary games, scare zones and live entertainment where you can see your favorite characters. In Orlando, they also held family-friendly Halloween events like a costume parade, Pumpkin Patches rick-or-treating, and Corn Mazes. You can also enjoy Halloween-themed cuisines here. For the family-friendly celebration of the Halloween season, Orlando is the best place to visit.

    5. Denver, Colorado

    Denver, Colorado

    For Halloween lovers, this city is a perfect place to celebrate. Mile high horror film is a famous event on Halloween where you can see your favorite horror films. But if you’re a fan of haunted houses then you must visit the 13th-floor haunted house where you can see a zombie apocalypse and many terrifying characters. If you want a family-friendly Halloween, you can visit Denver Zoo’s Boo where kids and adults can enjoy and participate in many activities. You can also take ghost tours to the city s famous haunted places. In short, Denver has many things to do for kids and adults for Halloween.

    6. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Philadelphia is a perfect place to spend your Halloween in a thriller and spookiest way. This city has one of the best destinations for haunted houses. At Eastern State Penitentiary is one of the popular heart-pounding and scariest events Terror behind walls held. Philadelphia is full of haunted locations. Society hill, Fort Mifflin, and The Walnut Street Theatre are famous historically haunted places here. For a family-friendly experience, you can visit the Philadelphia Zoo where children can meet their favorite animals. You can also take part in various contests for fun.

    7. KeyWest, Florida

    KeyWest, Florida

    KeyWest island is a popular destination for its beauty but during the Halloween season, this island takes up a thriller and spooky theme. From haunted houses to ghost tours Key west is the best destination for Halloween events.A ten-day festival Fantasy Fest is a notorious Halloween event. Tourists can enjoy Zombie Ride, Fantasy fest Parade, trick-or-treating, and a hayride. The Martello Museum, Key West Cemetery, and Key West Haunted Mansion are the best-haunted places to visit here. Travelers will also hear stories of ghosts, evil spirits, and serial killers on the way. If you want to spend your Halloween on a creepy Island you must visit, then KeyWest is the best place for you.

    8. Sleepy Hollow, New York

    8. Sleepy Hollow, New York

    If you’re looking for an old-fashioned Halloween in a countryside place, then sleepy hollow is for you. This village is in the Hudson Valley of New York state. The legend of the Sleepy Hollow story belongs to this village. The best thing about Halloween in sleepy Hollow is Cemetry Lantern Tour. You can visit a cemetery at night and hear stories about serial killers, ghosts, and people buried there. Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze, Witches’ Brew Tour, and a visit to Horseman’s Hollow are popular things to do in Sleepy Hollow. There is something to do for everyone in this historic village of New York.

    9. Long Beach, California

    9. Long Beach, California

    Long Beach is one of the best destinations in California to celebrate Halloween. In this city, whether you want only adult thriller parties and games or family-friendly events. There is something for everyone.Queen Mary’s Dark Ship is one of the popular sites for thriller seekers. Here you will experience the most haunted games and live shows. You can enjoy Halloween-themed parties at bars and clubs. From Zombie walks to costume contests, you can do a lot of activities here. Darkside in the Park, Oktoberfest, Belmont Shore’s Dog Parade, and the Dia de los Muertos are the major Festivals held on Halloween here. For a family-friendly event, you can go to the Boo at the zoo festival held at Long beach zoo.

    10. Charleston, South Carolina

    10. Charleston, South Carolina

    Charleston is a famous city for its history and attractions. For a spooktacular experience of Halloween, this city is a perfect place. Whether you’re a fan of haunted houses, fancy costumes, ghost tours, or zombie walks you can find everything here. Old jail city and Charleston Ghost & Dungeon Tour are the most haunted sites of Charleston city. You will hear about ghost stories and paranormal activities on your visit here. Boone Hall Pumpkin Patch, Zombie walk, and corn maze hayrides are family-friendly events here. You can also try Halloween theme cuisines like Graveyard Pub Crawl, Shrimp and Grits with Bloody Mary Sauce, and spider web pizza here.

    11. Kansas City, Missouri

    11. Kansas City, Missouri

    Kansas City is well known for its beauty, prairies, and agriculture productions but at the time of Halloween this vibrant city changes into a dark spooky place. If you’re a thriller seeker, then you must visit the haunted attractions of Kansas City. The Macabre Mansion and The Beast Haunted House are the most popular attractions here. In Kansas City, during Halloween, the Amusement parks take up a spooky theme. You can enjoy scare zones, live entertainment and haunted mazes, and delicious cuisines here. You can also go to cinemas and watch your favorite classic horror movies. With a lot of haunted attractions and events, Kansas City is the best spooky place for your Halloween celebrations.

    12. St. Helens, Oregon

    12. St. Helens, Oregon

    St. Helens is a famous small town where people came from all over the USA to celebrate Halloween. A popular classic horror film Halloweentown relates to this here. Every Halloween the whole town is creatively decorated, and it gives spook and thriller vibes to visitors. Travelers can also visit the filming sites here.Pumpkin patches festival, Spirit of Halloweentown Festival, and Boo Bash at Columbia County are the major events held in St. Helens. You can participate in pumpkin carving contests, costume contests, haunted corn mazes, hayrides, and live entertainment Halloween theme dishes here. So, if you want a spooky Halloween take your fancy costumes and visit St. Helens.

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