9 Most Popular Bridges in the United States

9 Most Popular Bridges in the United States

  • The USA comprises numerous tremendously designed engineering structures of bridges. While driving through these you can have a spectacular view with their amazing functionality. According to a survey, America has 617,000 bridges and out of these 42% are operational properly while others need repair but that is only possible with the sustenance of a huge economy. Given below is the list of well-known bridges in the United States of America.

    1. Golden Gate Bridge in California

    Golden Gate Bridge in California

    On the West Coast of San Francisco, California lies the well-known Golden Gate Bridge. This is considered to be a wonder of modern architecture which comprises magnificently constructed golden gates transversely standing all through the water. These are 746 feet elevated towers designed by Joseph Strauss which were finalized in 1937. Furthermore, around ten million individuals visit this bridge every single year altogether visiting the southeastern Plaza on the new Bridge. Moreover, these are not golden in color but rather bright orange colored bridges while the name is given to golden gate strait amongst the gap between the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco.

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    2. Seven Mile Florida Bridge

    Seven Mile Florida Bridge

    The Florida Keys are a sequence of islands on the south coast and this bridge expands up to the seven miles connecting the middle keys with the lower keys. The Seven Mile Florida Bridge is the lengthiest bridge of all others that link these keys. Furthermore, renovation in 1982 made this bridge spacious enough for driving. One can enjoy beautiful scenery by stopping at one side. A new bridge is patronized by motorists whereas, the freshly repaired old bridge is an epitome for fishing, cycling, walking, and trailing towards pigeon key. Likewise, this seven-mile old bridge has been registered as National Register of Historic Places.

    3. Brooklyn Bridge, New York

    Brooklyn Bridge, New York

    The 1.1 miles elongated bridge connects Manhattan with the Brooklyn Borough. This bridge has been an inspiration for numerous songwriters, artists, and poets. There is also a legendary song named “The Brooklyn Bridge” which was filmed on this bridge. You cannot surpass this bridge while visiting New York City. Moreover, this cable-stayed suspension historic development was completed in 1883. Apart from this, you can explore the beautiful scenery of this bridge by walking over the raised path overhead the tracks. Though it can be used for the tracks of the train six car traffic lanes can be created.

    4. George Washington Bridge, New Jersey

    George Washington Bridge, New Jersey

    An iconic George Washington Bridge joins New Jersey with the borough of Manhattan while crossing the Hudson River. This bridge was converted to level two in 1963 which associated states of Maine and Florida. Moreover, this bridge was named after the 1st president of the USA George Washington. Further, this bridge has a width of 36 meters and can carry 300, 000 automobiles each day. At one time, you could view the World Trade Center but now you can only have a view of the Empire State Building. Likewise, it comprises fourteen lanes of suspension and is labeled as the busiest bridge of all.

    5. Bridge of Sunshine Skyway, Florida

    Bridge of Sunshine Skyway, Florida

    A cable-stayed Sunshine bridge that passes Tampa Bay in Florida is another renowned bridge of history. Moreover, it attaches St. Petersburg with Terra Ceia and Bradenton. Further, this bridge was renovated in 1987 and it has become a fascination for tourists as one can have a remarkable view of Gulf Mexico waters from above. Sunshine Skyway has a length of 6.7 kilometers and is most popular due to a calamity of collapse that killed thirty-five individuals in 1980. Moreover, this can handle shipment traffic as it is 263m wide and 4.1 miles elongated and it provides a spectacular view to indulge in.

    6. Mackinac Bridge, Michigan

    Mackinac Bridge, Michigan

    A five miles long Mackinac Bridge opened in 1957 was a reason for Lower and Upper Peninsulas in Michigan. The Mackinac channels united Lake Huron and Lake Michigan. Moreover, this is the 3rd lengthy bridge in America however, 15th in number in all of the world. Apart from this, the authority of this bridge provides a support program to the drivers who are afraid of driving their vehicles through the bridge. However, casually it is also acknowledged as the Big Mac due to its enormous size. Furthermore, the steel grating road of this bridge makes it strong enough that even a huge amount of wind cannot break down this bridge because grating permits the wind to go through it rather than push it.

    7.London Bridge, Havasu Lake

    London Bridge, Havasu Lake

    Arizona comprises the most popular bridges in the world and one of them is the London Bridge located in the city of Lake Havasu. Historically, this bridge was situated in London over the River of Thames originally, and then later on it was purchased, dismantled in 1967, and transported to Arizona. However, new steel-clad concrete addition was done to the original bridge and the same family is the owner of this bridge who bought it in the first place. Moreover, Lake Havasu is an astonishing tourist destination too which labels it as an eminent bridge to visit.

    8. New River George Bridge, West Virginia

    New River George Bridge, West Virginia

    The construction of this bridge was completed in 1977 and before building its travel span was forty minutes all along the old river. However, this river reduced the time to one minute to cross it. This is one of the sturdy toughest bridges in the western hemisphere and due to its picturesque view, it invites numerous tourists to enjoy it. Moreover, the annual bridge day is also celebrated in October where one can enjoy the music festivals, food courts, and different energetic sports. Moreover, this bridge is famous for taking photographs because of its remarkable backdrop.

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    9. Bridge of Chesapeake Bay, Maryland

    Bridge of Chesapeake Bay, Maryland

    This bridge is authoritatively termed the Gov. William Preston Lane Jr. Memorial Bridge which was given in honor of the governor of Maryland at that time. Furthermore, it links the Eastern and Western seashores of Maryland and was elongated in 1952. It comprises two lanes in which one is intended for cars while the other one is for pedestrians to walk or run which gets open on 1st Sunday in May. However, it is also known as the scariest bridge due to the arch as no one can see the earth while driving through it. There are lots of thunderstorms in this region too which makes it fearful but with services of driving assistance, it would be possible to enjoy this drive.

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