Airline History Museum - Missouri

Airline History Museum – Missouri

  • Visitors traveling a trip to Missouri must make some time to visit Kansas City and the Airline History Museum. Lots of people get confused thinking that Kansas City is in Kansas, but it is actually in Missouri so be sure you check your airline tickets before you buy them and end up in the wrong place! The Airline History Museum is a great place to visit because it is so informative in regards to air travel. It may be found at the Historic Downtown Airport and when you visit you will feel as if you have been transported back in time.

    Airline History Museum - Missouri

    You will be shocked and surprised to see that way air transportation used to be and how it has changed so much over the years. Some of the cool things you will see include audio/visual displays that manage to capture the way air travel was years ago. Also, there are artifacts, uniforms, logbooks, photos, gallery items, personal mementos, and even printed material that twill help you get a good idea how things were. People especially love to see the aircraft collection, which is quite impressive. These include a Martin 404, Lockheed L 1049 ‘Super G’ Constellation, and a Douglas DC-3. This particular plane is currently being restored, but it will be back out on the floor in no time for visitors to check out.

    Airline History Museum - Missouri

    The museum is open Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm and on Sunday from 12 pm to 4 pm. Those 14 and older will pay museum admission of $7 each. Those 65 and over will be charged $6 and kids 6-13 only $3. Kids under the age of 6 are admitted free of charge with an adult admission. Visitors looking for tour guides will find them and should be used if at all possible because they are s knowledgeable and will make the tour much more informative and enjoyable.

    • 201 NW Lou Holland Drive Kansas City, Missouri 64116
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