Battle Hill Museum of Natural History & Discovery Cave

You will see such exhibits and displays as: Rocks, Fossils, Artifacts & Shells – Take a look at the geode, the State Rock of Iowa. Learn about our fossils, artifacts and our humongous 90,000 piece shell collection. Dioramas – Wildlife from the Rocky Mountains to the wetlands of Iowa appear lifelike in their native environment. Antlers and Horns – Antlers? How about 200 sets and singles, and longhorns, shorthorns and medium horns. Skeletons, Skulls and Old Bones – Would you believe a 12,000 pound bull elephant skeleton, 300 skulls, and more old bones than most graveyards. Wildlife Mounts, Hides & Petting Zoo – We display 600 full body wildlife mounts, and over 100 tanned animal hides. Go here to touch, pet or hug something in the Petting Zoo.
Discovery Cave – In the beginning, Discovery cave was a wild cave with no lights, no hand rails, and twisting trails that disappeared into the darkness. Cave guides with battery powered flashlights lead you down into the dark abyss, into the very bowels of the earth to see the underground splendor. First of all you’re probably wondering what could be in the bowels of anything worth seeing, let alone walking into.

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