Lion Country Safari

As America’s first drive-through cageless zoo, Lion Country Safari has been a leader in conservation since 1967. Lion Country Safari provides a habitat in which many endangered or threatened species live and reproduce. Find out how snakes can find their food, how long a tortoise can go before it needs to take a drink, or how large the biggest skink in the world is. “Rainforest Animals” Learn about the different animals found in a rain forest, and how they’ve adapted their lifestyle to be able to survive the fierce competition in this habitat. “Animals of South America” Find out what makes South America so unique. You’ll learn about some of the most interesting animals in the Western Hemisphere, from the slowest moving mammal on earth to a rodent that bathes in Volcanic ash. “Scales & Feathers” Discover why our feathered friends have more in common with the scaly creatures of the world than you may think. And much more….

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