Old West Wax Museum

Step back into the Old West, where men and women were as raw and untamed as the country around them. Hero and heroine, outlaw and lawman, cowboy and schoolmarm, indian and mountain man-they all became part of the legends of the West. The Old West Wax Museum is a unique blend of history, folklore and folk crafts. Its appeal is timeless and ageless. More than 50 life-size wax figures in 20 Western frontier historical dioramas. Original historical maps from 1760 to present illustrate Western development. National newspaper etching and stories from 1860 to 1910 show how journalists and newspapers influenced ideas and myths of the West. Artifacts and information-see the voyageur cruiser that traveled 2,700 miles along the 1825 route of General William Ashley from Wyoming to St. Louis-see the elegant European frontier saloon backbar that came over the mountains by wagon train-and more! Dancing Bear Folk Center is housed on the lower floor of the complex and includes a spectacular artist teddy bear museum and much more.

  • Spring