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Potato Museum – Idaho

  • The Idaho Potato Museum is a great place to stop off in Idaho. By visiting this museum you will be able to see where the famous Idaho potatoes come from! You can see an interesting showcase of Idaho potatoes and see how the potato industry has revolutionized. You will see amazing things like the biggest potato chip from Pringle’s and explore the museum that was built in 1912.

    Potato Museum - Idaho

    Everyone loves potatoes so who wouldn’t want to learn a little more about how potatoes rose to fame in the United States. This is an educational experience, too, so the entire family can learn something. You can learn about potato nutrition, the harvesting process, trivia, history, and more. There is even a video explaining the potato’s history and how it became to be America’s favorite vegetable.

    Potato Museum - Idaho

    If you decide to take a trip to Idaho and you want to learn a little more about the potato then stop off in Blackfoot. The address is 130 N.W. Main and the museum is open from October to March from 9:30 am until 3 pm Monday through Friday. From April until September the museum is open from 9:30 am until 5 pm Monday through Saturday. There are group rates and even special tour group hours.

    Potato Museum - Idaho

    There is ADA parking and lots of room if you drive an RV or motor coach. There is also a park where you can enjoy a nice picnic in the “Potato Capital of the World.” Admission is $3 per adult, $1 for kids 6-12, free for kids under 6, and $2.50 for seniors over 55 and AAA members. The rate for groups of 15 or more is $2. Take a little time to learn something new about a vegetable and food you enjoy on a regular basis. It’s fun for the entire family!


    While the Potato Museum itself is an indoor attraction, visitors to Idaho can explore the beautiful outdoors of the surrounding region. Idaho offers stunning landscapes, including mountains, forests, and lakes, perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, fishing, and wildlife watching. Nearby attractions like the Snake River and Craters of the Moon National Monument provide opportunities for outdoor adventure.

    Things to Do:

    Explore the exhibits at the Potato Museum and learn about Idaho’s potato industry, history and culture. Visit local potato farms for guided tours and hands-on experiences, such as potato harvesting and planting. Take a scenic drive through Idaho’s countryside, admiring the vast potato fields and picturesque landscapes. Participate in culinary events and festivals celebrating Idaho’s famous potatoes, such as the Idaho Potato Drop on New Year’s Eve in Boise.

    How to Plan a Trip:

    To plan a trip to the Potato Museum and Idaho, consider the following steps:

    Research the Potato Museum’s hours of operation, admission prices, and any special events or exhibits.
    Determine your travel dates and accommodations, booking lodging in advance if needed.
    Explore outdoor activities and attractions in the surrounding area, creating an itinerary that includes visits to nearby landmarks and scenic spots.
    Consider transportation options, such as driving or flying to Idaho, and arrange for rental cars or other transportation as necessary.
    Pack appropriate clothing and gear for outdoor activities, as well as any supplies you may need for your visit to the Potato Museum.
    Check the weather forecast and plan accordingly, especially if you plan to spend time outdoors or explore Idaho’s natural attractions.
    By following these steps and utilizing the resources available, you can plan a memorable trip to the Potato Museum and experience the beauty, history, and culture of Idaho firsthand.

    • 130 NW Main Street Blackfoot, ID 83221
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