President’s Alpine Slide

Take an exhilarating ride on America’s newest alpine slide! Each of the two Alpine Slide tracks offers 2,000 feet of sensational family fun. Riders control the speed of their individual sleds and small children may ride with adults. You can take a slow and easy ride down through the beautiful terrain, or go at a faster pace for action-packed excitement on the dips and high-banked turns. Your adventure begins with a scenic chairlift ride up through the fragrant Ponderosa pines. At the summit, you’ll find a unique view of Mt. Rushmore and a beautiful mountain park area. The aroma of the Black Hills’ best cheeseburgers sizzling on our huge outdoor grill will lure you over to order. Have a frosty beer or a cold soft drink as you relax in the shade and gaze at those famous faces across the valley.