Southern Museum of Flight

You will see the machines that helped the world take to the skies. Military, civilian, and home-built aircraft on display at the Museum include one of Delta Air Line’s first planes – the Huff Daland crop duster, a full-size Wright Flyer replica, a 1912 Curtiss Pusher replica, a Fokker VII, a VariEze experimental home-built, and two US Air Force fighter jet cockpit simulators. The museum also has aviation memorabilia from the earliest days of flight – a night landing light used by the Wright brothers at their Montgomery flying school, knee-high aviator’s boots from WW I, “trigger-finger” German-issue flying gloves from the WW I era of the Red Baron, an “Early Bird” cap and flying goggles, the trapeze and dental strap used in a local “flying circus,” and more.

  • Located at 4343 73rd Street North, two blocks east of Birmingham International Airport. Birmingham, AL
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