The Sagebrush State

Nevada is a state that is known for being a Silver State or a state of deserts. Despite of its extreme weather, there are incredible sceneries, beautiful small towns, and big cities like Las Vegas to explore. Other than being famous for gambling and casinos, Las Vegas offers top-class, restaurants, volcano eruption to visit, indoor themed park and shark tank for its tourists. Black Rock City is another adventurous place to visit in Nevada which is a temporary city created by thousands of people. Death Valley National Park is another great place to discover along with Leadfield Ghost Town and Grapevine Peak. You can visit Lake Tahoe in any season you intend to but go to the Sloan Canyon during the morning time as heat would be unbearable during day time. Likewise, Pyramid Lake is great for camping but you have to take permit for that. Reno is well known for gambling, casinos, and wonderful buffets. However, Central Library of Reno is another must to visit during this tour.

Awesome places to visit in Nevada

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Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort

The Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort offers 40 acres of ski terrain, with 10 different trails, the longest of which is 3,000 feet. The summit is located at 9,510 feet with a vertical drop of…

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Mt. Rose

From Tahoe's highest base (elevation 8,260'), you're launched nearly 1,800 vertical feet in 3.5 minutes. The reward? Panoramic views of Lake Tahoe and Nevada. The real payoff begins as you descend into 1,200 acres of some…