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The Flickertail State

North Dakota is a landlocked part of America in the Midwest region. This state is well known for its agricultural production of wheat, canola, peas, and beans nationwide. This state got nicknamed heaven on earth and peace garden state.
North Dakota has an inspiring beauty with a wide range of landscapes, native culture, and wildlife. Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Maah Daah Hey Trail, Medora, Grand Forks, Sather Lake, historic museums & amusement parks, and casinos are notorious places for tourists in North Dakota. June to October are the best months to visit North Dakota because this is the time of summer and there are a lot of out-of-door activities to do here.
Hot beef, turkey sandwiches, cheese button, kuchen, Kneophla, walleye, cactus bread, and strawberry pies are the known foods of North Dakota. Bismarck, the capital state of the city, is known for its recreational sites like the Dakota zoo and Missouri river. Fargo, Minot, and Watford are the megacities of North Dakota.

Awesome places to visit in North Dakota

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Dakota Dinosaur Museum

This 13,400 sq. ft. museum contains 11 full-scale dinosaurs in the museum displayed in a Triassic-Cretaceous time continuum and 3 full-scale dinosaurs outside. The exhibit includes a real Triceratops skeleton and one of the best Triceratops skulls ever found. New exhibits include a baby-si

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Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Theodore Roosevelt first came to the badlands in September 1883 on a hunting trip. While here he became interested in the cattle business and invested in the Maltese Cross Ranch. He returned the next year and established the Elkhorn Ranch. Years later he stated several times, "I never woul