Top 7 biggest shopping malls in America

Top 7 biggest shopping malls in America

  • If you desire to buy high-end shoes and perfumes then malls are the best place to go. Most malls feature mom-and-pop stores, plenty of restaurants, and amusement parks. Moreover, some of such places better capture the core of the entrepreneurial American society as compared to the shopping mall. However, middle-class department stores had been progressing to successfully execute this American dream. Therefore, gathering numerous brand names under one roof by major retailers was regarded as the entry point of impressive trends in the fashion world. These days most of the modest stores have grown into gigantic structures comprising recreational activities, dining areas, high-end departmental stores, superstores, and cinemas. With increasing technology, we all are familiar that virtual shopping has become more comfortable and time-saving. However, our working habits like sitting down on chairs for hours have also escalated health problems, depression, obesity, and chronic anxiety. Therefore, in-person shopping would be a great escape to get out of your daily routine.

    1. South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa, California

    South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa, California

    The U.S. West Coast’s biggest and the country’s 3rd largest shopping mall which extends to an area of 128 acres while comprising two hundred and seventy stores is the South Coast California Plaza. Moreover, around four tenants have owned it such as Bloomingdale, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, and Macy’s. This plaza is situated in Costa Mesa also known as heaven for the customers as they find comfort in this luxurious place to swipe their credit cards, browse or do window shopping. You can enjoy a meal after shopping as this mall comprises thirty high-end restaurants. However, several caretaker services at three points of the mall can help you attain assistance if you desire to free up your arm space. Further, this mall conducts the biggest sale in all United States for a whole year and this is the best place to go if you want to explore a California style.

    • 3333 Bristol St, Costa Mesa, CA 92626, United States
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    2. Mall of America, Bloomington, Minnesota

    Mall of America, Bloomington, Minnesota

    The suburban area of Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan comprises the largest USA mall famous as the Mall of America constructed on the former Metropolitan Stadium’s location. The closer states of the Wisconsin and Ohio fascinate millions of tourists to the Mall of America. Since 1992, this mall had been welcoming a sufficient amount of visitors giving nearly about 2 billion dollars of income yearly. There are five hundred and twenty stores along with an aquarium having 100 sharks, 50 restaurants, a mini golf area, and a Camp Snoopy theme park. Furthermore, you can avail of other entertaining opportunities like flight simulation rides, gaming studios, mirror mazes, Lego Robot, axe throwing, and Crayola Crayons. You won’t be feeling out into a full metropolitan environment as there are three hundred trees and thousands of plants inside the mall.

    3. King of Prussia Mall, Pennsylvania

    King of Prussia Mall, Pennsylvania

    The east coast has a huge King of Prussia Mall that comprises restaurants, numerous shops, and several shopping hotspots. This mall is 20 miles away from the Northwest of Philadelphia also the number four largest shopping mall in the United States. Moreover, the mall has 400 shopping stores five-star food corners, and international dining options. Seafood corners and seasonal food restaurants are mostly crowded. For a luxurious stay Sofitel Philadelphia whereas, for a budget-friendly stay, Hampton will be a good choice. Most of the retailers here have more than one shop and you can find diverse shopping possibilities such as high-quality cookware, furniture, and quality household items too. This expansive mall can cope with 25 million visitors each year. It also provides others perquisites such as personalized shopping consultant and valet parking. Thus, it beautifies the overall shopping experience without turning it into a hard chore.

    4. Aventura Mall, Aventura Florida

    Aventura Mall, Aventura Florida

    Most individuals go to Aventura Mall to get their designer outfits situated in Miami Florida. This three-story building is a well-known shopping center that had been operating since 1983. It is the 5th huge mall in Florida with almost three hundred retail stores and eighteen restaurants of fast food. Around 28 million visitors go to that mall as there are famous brands and popular retailers present. You will surely have a day filled with fun in this consistently progressing mall with contemporary art. This is considered to be a shopper’s favorite place with unique architecture, farmer’s market, dining in, and art throngs. Furthermore, the rooftop of this mall is used for weddings and other events such as exhibitions, etc.

    5. Sawgrass Mills, Sunrise Florida

    Sawgrass Mills, Sunrise Florida

    Sawgrass Mall is the biggest outlet and value retail shopping boardwalk in the United States. There are further than 350 stores at Sawgrass Mills. Also, the enclosed, air-conditioned boardwalk makes sure you stay comfortable in the Florida heat. Luxury shopping is also available at the attached Colonnade Outlets, which feature over 70 developer shops. The biggest outlet and value retail shopping destination in the United States, Sawgrass Mills in Sunrise, Florida is perfect for those shoppers who love a great deal. Then you’ll find luxury-brand outlet shopping amongst three unique shopping destinations, with over 40 outlets in a combination of both inner and out-of-door space featuring over 350 retail stores. Opened in 1990, Sawgrass Mills has further 400 stores and it is Florida’s largest shopping and entertainment destination. Sawgrass Mills has exclusive outlets similar to David Yurman and Prada. Simon Property Group operates the third-largest boardwalk in the southeastern United States. You need to leave enough time to explore the mega deals in the boardwalk sections. Nike, Gap, and other well-known brands have stores on the boardwalk. The “In the Game” Hall permits you to play state-of-the-art games.

    6. The Galleria Houston, Taxes

    The Galleria Houston, Taxes

    The Galleria is the 6th huge shopping mall in America and the biggest of all the Houston. Increased an area of 3 million square bases, the Galleria consists of a retail area, entertainment systems, hospitals, and office halls. The center has about 400 stores and restaurants. It includes an extensively twenty thousand square bases ice skating floor located right below the central glass patio. It was conceivably the first skating rink gathered inside a mall. Inside the Galleria complex, there are also three office halls and one of the office halls is the Galleria Financial Center, which accommodates the services of some of the world’s largest financial institutions. The Galleria is one of the country’s finest shopping localities, drawing about 24 million visitors annually. It is home to numerous well-conditioned reputed stores, similar to Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Jimmy Choo, and Ralph Lauren. The Galleria is known for its expansive collection of high-end and luxury stores, including Van Cleef, Bottega Veneta, Tom Ford, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Bvlgari, Burberry, and Prada.

    7. Roosevelt Field, Garden City, New York

    Roosevelt Field, Garden City, New York

    Located in Long Island, the Roosevelt Field shopping boardwalk is the 2nd shopping center in terms of price in the state of New York. Proudly praising, 270 stores amongst its2.2 million square bases of space, shoppers will find plenty of choices to get some retail remedy with rich department stores and 270 specific stores ranging from watches to women’s fashion. Once you have preserved a desire, you will find an overabundance to choose from delicious food corners. Anchored with stores like Macy’s, Nordstrom, Nieman Marcus, and Bloomingdale’s, Roosevelt Field also comprises 250 department stores. The mall also has a Dining District, which includes a variety of prominent dining options to choose from. An AMC Theater is also situated making it easy to enjoy a movie. Roosevelt Field Mall is located in Garden City. Roosevelt is the final shopping complex for everyone who seeks to explore different brands and window shops.

    • 630 Old Country Rd, Garden City, NY 11530
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