Wagon Train - North Dakota

Wagon Train – North Dakota

  • If you are looking for something exciting to do then you should definitely check out the Wagon Train in North Dakota. An annual tradition of a covered wagon train adventure has been going on since 1969. This includes learning about history and nature, camping, and riding horses. Generally, the wagon train starts in Jamestown in June. You don’t need a horse to take part in the wagon train, you don’t even have to know how to ride one. Kids are welcome, but your family should enjoy camping as well as the outdoors to truly enjoy all the wagon train has to offer. The wagon train usually lasts a week during the last week of June, however the dates are subject to change year to year.

    Wagon Train - North Dakota

    Those interested in the wagon train should register in advance as space fills up fast. There are many activities to be involved in before the wagon train as well as after so you should do some research to find out what activities will be available to you.

    Wagon Train - North Dakota

    The Wagon Train website is also important if you plan on attending simply because it provides all the information you need to know what to pack, how to register, the dates, and what to wear. The price for the wagon train is $425 for adults 19 and older, $325 for teens 13-18 years of age, and $275 for kids 12 and under. Groups of three or more will receive a 10% discount if they register before March. The registration fees and forms must be completed and mailed together to receive the discount. The hay fee for each saddle horse is included in the registration price. Those interested in traveling for only a few days may take advantage of daily rates. Those interested in registering online may do so and pay via MasterCard or Visa.

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